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Environmental Innovations is Grand Rapids most energetic building services company.  We are insured, equipped, prepared and purposed. 

At Environmental Innovations, we are aggresively pursuing both commercial contract accounts and periodic floor maintenance.

Since Environmental Innovations has been cleaning our office space not only have I been very pleased with their performance but it has been noticed by some of the staff here that the overall cleanliness and sparkle of the store and offices have improved. The staff of Environmental Innovations has been prompt, professional and courteous to all they come in contact with.  I do not hesitate to highly recommend Environmental Innovations for any cleaning job you may have.

Dave May - Branch Manager of a National Corporation
Grandville, Michigan


Wow! I was ready to replace the carpeting. Thank you, Bill.

Residential Customer

We Love our Janitor!!

Customer Employee
Commercial Airline

The spots not only came out, but stayed gone.

Residential Customer

Look no further than Environmental Innovations for Excellence in your unique floor care and office cleaning needs.    Contact Us


Environmental Innovations

1319 Penn Ave. NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49505

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Green Clean

If harsh chemicals are removing dirt, grime, dust and germs from your home, what is removing the harsh chemicals?

Environmental Innovations uses our Green Clean service to protect you from cleaning chemicals that are known or suspected asthma and allergy triggers, reproductive toxins, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors and even carcinogens.

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